Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It was finally over

The national museum was swarming with visitors. Being one of the most visited tourist spots in the country there were people from across the world.  As he lazily looked around, his eyes just couldn’t believe what he was seeing, it just couldn’t be . As he turned around to avoid her gaze a tide of memories swept him aside.

“He was out of town very regularly as work used to consume almost all his time. This used to be one of the biggest reasons for his fights with his girlfriend. He couldn’t stop being a consultant, this was all he ever wanted and she just couldn’t take being alone for so long. She had finally agreed to give him time.

It was a normal rainy day. He was back from an office trip and was walking to her place, he had missed her birthday yesterday and the guilt was killing him. He just closed his eyes remembered her face and told himself that this was it, he was going to stop being a consultant for her, he will finally be able to give her his time.

As he unlocked her door, he saw a pair of male shoes; he was surprised as these were the exact Jordan shoes that he had gifted his best friend. As he moved towards her bedroom he saw both of them and for a second his heart stopped. He just couldn’t take the betrayal of two of the most important people in his life.

He stood there for a few seconds stunned in silence. A plethora of emotions started coming to his head.  But he just stood there with tears rolling his eyes.
There was nothing left to say. He knew she wanted him to shout at her but that would just make her feel better for what she had done to him. He picked his small bag that he had kept in her place and left.”

As he made his way quickly through the crowd he heard her call his name. The call became fainter as his steps became faster. Somewhere deep down in his heart he knew it was finally over.